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Q Pink/F Green/B Ceasar(15ST)

Q Pink/F Green/B Ceasar(15ST)


A match made in heaven! You no longer have to be spoilt for choice with this beautiful mixed bouquet of orchids.

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  • Palladian Vase£6.99


  • 5 x Queen Pink Orchids
  • 5 x Big Ceasar Orchids
  • 5 x Fine Green Orchids
  • wrapped in clear cellophane
  • vase not included

1. Upon receiving your package, open boxes immediately. Handle the flowers carefully to avoid damaging the stems or blooms. After removing wrapping sleeve and water vials (vials are used for transit only to keep flowers fresh), refresh blooms with a spray of water mist.

If they appear a little wilted, then submerge the stems (not the blooms) in warm water (around 100°f or 37°c) for a few minutes.

2. Cut a half inch (approximately 1 cm) off the base of the orchid's stems, using a sharp knife or scissors. Cut the stems at an angle, which allow the flowers to absorb a great amount of water.

3. Fill a clean vase more than half full with water, then arrange the stems in a vase. Blooms should be kept away from direct sunlight and heat sources.

They will last longer at cooler room temperatures (best storing temperature is 50°- 60° Fahrenheit / 10°- 15°Celsius), but be careful as blooms can suffer from cool draft.

(A cool draft is a moving air that is cooler than the ambient temperature, such as air from an open window on a cool day)

4. Trim stems and change water twice a week.

1st Class/Recorded Royal Mail Deliveries

Your beautiful gift boxed Orchids will be sent by Royal Mail.

Flowers are delivered free of charge by First Class to any UK address.

All orders sent by 1st Class or Recorded Royal Mail are normally delivered either on the chosen delivery date or the following day (excluding Sundays and Bank Holidays) unfortunately, this is outside of our control and not covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

98% do arrive on the selected delivery date.

For peak season such as Christmas, Valentine's and Mother's day, we reserve the right to dispatch your order a day earlier than normal to ensure delivery in time for the event. However, this may result in the order arriving a day earlier than expected.

For guaranteed delivery on your chosen date, we recommend that you choose our courier delivery service.

Delivery instructions cannot be followed for Royal Mail deliveries. We are only able to resend or refund for deliveries that haven't been made by 5PM the day following the selected delivery date (excluding Sundays and Bank Holidays)

The name ‘Dendrobium’ comes from a combination of the Greek words Dendron meaning tree and Bios meaning life, it means life that lives on trees.

Dendrobium species are either epiphytic (air plants) or occasionally lithophytic  (grows in or on rocks and feeds off moss)

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